We build voice experiences to amplify everyday life.

We aim to bring joy to everyday task and  explore and inspire new ways of interacting with consumers, brands and each other  through voice technology.

Why Voice Technology


When speaking about voice, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and Bixby may spring to mind.  These voice assistants are just a few of the options available to consumers. Natural language processing has been around since the 80’s but the increase in its accuracy rate and availability has caused the adoption rate among the mainstream to boom.  Google Assistant it now available on over 1 billion devices around the globe.  Alexa has over 100 million devices in the US alone and soon Bixby will be shipping  on over 500 million new Samsung Appliances and devices annually.

Voice technology is becoming a part of everyday life not only in the home, but in the car, in the shops, in enterprise, and right into peoples ears via hearable devices.

Voice technology has applications in such a variety of situations and Talking Tools focus is to be on the  forefront of creating experiences  by  leveraging this exciting technology.


Meet Our Capsules

We are hard at work on new experiences!

From a new way to share favourite podcast moments, to finding a little escape from everyday life. Want to be the first to give these a whirl? Contact us below to become a beta tester.



Thinking Out Side the Screen


Bixby DevJam 2019 – Communication Section Winner

Available in the Bixby US Marketplace

Drop Note  lets you, leave public or private notes attached to physical places. Explore the notes around you by simply saying “Get Notes near here”.

Create stories connected to places, Leave a note for your crush, Tag somewhere with virtual graffiti, Leave a review.

Use Drop Note your way


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Drop Notes

Get started by saying “Drop new note” you will then be able to enter what you want your note to say, it can be short – “I was here” or long, like a clue to your very own treasure hunt. or anything inbetween !

Unlock Notes

Found a private note? If you have the correct pass phrase you can unlock its secret! Simple say “Unlock note”  Then provide the secret pass phrase. 



Whether your dropping a new note, or revisiting your old ones you can share the notes location. If its a secret note you can also share the pass phrase, or keep them guessing! 


Find Notes

Where ever you are notes could be waiting nearby. Just ask Bixby “Ask Drop Note to  show me notes nearby” 


Easy Sugar Level Tracking


Available in the Bixby US Marketplace 

Collecting data can be difficult.

Sugar Sugar is here to make that a bit easier, By grabbing a quick diary snippet along with your blood sugar level you can gain a better understanding of your levels, track trends and gain insights. 

Being able to log your blood and diary entry with voice elevates some of the mental load we face each day, making something simple makes it easy to maintain good habits.

Managing data is one of the toughest problems in health care, With Sugar Sugar you are in control, your data is not locked to your device. You can share your logs with your health care provider in a convenient spreadsheet by simply saying “Send my data”.

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Simply take your blood sugar level as you normal would

With Bixby enabled you can say “Add new entry” and you will be prompted for your level and a quick diary entry, that’s all! Your entry  is automatically stored for later retrieval.



You can look through your entries by simply saying “Show me my entries”. Sugar Sugar will retirve all your entries.

With our colour coded interface you can see if your levels are in range at a glance.

You can also search the content of your diary entries. Want to know your levels every time you mentioned the word “tired” simply say “Show me entries with tired”


Sugar Sugar composes a spread sheet in CSV format (which is compatible with many spreadsheet programs ) and emails it directly to a contact you provide.


Just say “Send my data” and you will be guided through the steps



Sugar Sugar can be personalised to suit  your needs. Setting your own low and high levels allows you to stay in your own personalised ranges.


Guided Gratitude

Available in the Bixby US Marketplace


The effects of appreciating the good things in life are tangible. 

A gratitude diary is an effective way to keep track of all the moments of joy in your life, but starting and maintaining one can be hard.  

That’s where Joy Diary comes in.

Joy Diary can provide prompts to help you in your gratitude journey, or just use your voice to save the thoughts, things, or moments that you are grateful for. Make your moments  public to share them with the world, or make them private to keep them just for you.


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Joy Diary makes it easy to record the things you are grateful for, Simply say “In Joy Diary, add moment of joy”. No more searching for that gratitude journal or a pencil and paper.

Not sure what to save? Joy Diary has a variety of gratitude prompts, All you have to do is ask for one.



You can choose to keep your moments of joy private and just for you, or spread the joy with the world.

By setting your visibility mode to public, other users will be to see all the things that have brightened your day.



Looking back at your moments of joy is as easy as saying “Get me all my moments of joy”.  You can share the joy others have made public.


Ask Joy Diary to get public moments of joy


With Joy Diary you can decide who see your moments of joy.

You can  decided as you go or change your default visibility by saying,  “Ask Joy Diary to change visibility mode”




Exploration and Opportunity

Voice is being adopted at an astounding rate. With markets emerging all over the world now is the time to bring new experiences to your customers.

 Being at the fore front of the wave of voice is where Talking Tools wants to be, exploring the new and exciting ways that people use voice in their everyday ways and the unexpected ways too!

 Talking Tools is a proud member of the Bixby Premier Developers Program

Do you have an idea you want to explore?

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